Patient | Carer Community Projects
Learning Disabled Adult Theatre Workshops

Welcome to this online resource. Learners will be able to develop their communication skills, by accessing text-based, photographic and film-based materials, as well as taking part in a collection of interactive exercises and self directed learning. This resource was created using the experiences and findings from two projects, "New Beginnings" based at Stage@Leeds and Leeds Institute of Medical Education (both at University of Leeds). These projects involved Bright Sparks Theatre Arts Company, the Patient | Carer Community (PCC) and service-users from The Potternewton Fulfilling Lives Centre, as well as students from the University of Leeds Medical School.

Learning Outcomes

  • To encourage respect and equality towards all patients; promoting attitudes which support the patient's dignity.
  • Develop learners’ empathy towards adults with learning disabilities so they better understand the anxieties they may face when visiting healthcare practioners. We believe that empathy is an emotion that develops through experience.


When the participants share the creative process together, it will increase the learners' understanding of the impact of living with a disability.

Drama session at Potternewton Fulfilling Lives Centre with Bright Sparks Theatre Arts Company

This resource has been created and is maintained by; Nancy Davies, Learning Technologist at Leeds Institute of Medical Education, the Patient | Carer Community and the Bright Sparks Theatre Arts Company.

Prior to accessing any of the content, we recommend that you take a few minutes to run through the first questionnaire, as well as watching the video 'Pre-session interviews'.

Once you have spent some time looking and listening to what this resource has to offer, it is advised that you run through the second questionnaire. Also, the video 'Post-session interviews' should be watched. We hope you enjoy using and learning from this resource.

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