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Disabled Students: Enabled Practitioners Network

Lead: Dr Chris Dearnley

“To build on a range of existing work strands that have taken place in Bradford and Huddersfield and across the region e.g. the MEDS & EMET projects in Bradford, the work of the RAPP group in Bradford, Evaluation of equality and diversity resources available for use by NHS mentors and clinical educators in their work with students on placement (YHSHAODN); Disability in Transition (Huddersfield) and the SHA funded study Managing impairments in practice settings (MIPPS)(Huddersfield & Bradford) to increase awareness of the key issues and ways in which students with impairments can be supported in practice settings. The technological focus will be on new technologies to streamline transitions and adjustments.”

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Further reading

Managing Impairment in Professional Practice: Disability and Fitness to Practise: A multi site investigation into the application of the Equality Act (2010) to health care students in practice settings within the NHS
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Disabled People, Effective Practitioners: Enabling a Health Care Workforce that Better Reflects Society
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Mobile Tech Showcase

The Disabled Students: Enabled Practitioners stand at the ALPS Showcase event 16th Sept 2011